What is a Giclee

Giclee is the French word for ink spray.    The giclee is then remarked by me before being shipped.   The images at the right and below have the original on the top and the giclee on the bottom.    The glrare from the giclee is from my flash.

Which paintings make good giclees?

The giclee works best with a painting I have done in  oil, in my opinion, as that is how I remark it.  I can also run a giclee from a watercolor.   Just about any painting I have done you can get as a giclee.

How much

As paintings are differing sizes, so too are the giclees.   Prices are between $225.00 and 300.00 which includes shipping.  The giclee will never be larger than the original.   You can contact me about doing one for you.