Bennett Illustration /Wasatch Greeting Cards

The Art of Gil Bennett

                                                   Winter Pumpkins                   Shanahan Collection
                                                          22"x 28" 
                                                       Oil on Canvas

A life long artist and rail fan, Gil Bennett has been a professional illustrator since 1984. He graduated from the University of Utah's Art department, and has continued to study and develop his style as he worked with a wide variety of subject matter. Noted railroad artists like Howard Fogg and Ted Rose took an interest Gil's artwork and let him know how he could improve both his watercolors and oils. In 1995, Howard called Gil the "heir apparent" and told him to "paint like hell"; he has been doing his best to follow that advice ever since. After Howard Fogg passed on, Gil was contacted to restore many of his works. The experience gained through fixing Howard's work benefitted him more than the years he spent in school. Gil calls himself an "artistrator", a term he coined to describe his style, which blends the expression of an artist with the technical detail of an illustrator. As you look at his work, you will be able to see what he means. He is available to create an original work for you or can help if you have a Fogg that needs to be touched up.

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I would like to thank everyone that purchased one of the 2013 calendars.  They are now sold out and gone!  However, the 2014 calendar is ready and for sale.  I have a few I can sell and sign if you wish.  You can find them on my online store page.   I also have some specials on my Originals Page that some of you may be interested in.

                              Someone wrote and told me I needed a picture of me on my site

                                             Howard Fogg on the left Gil on the right, Sherman Hill
                                                                                                                                             Photo by Tom Lee

Contact Information:
Gil Bennett
PO Box 153
Lehi, UT 84043





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